Jonathan Edward Arkell


Shelley Yvonne Arkell

Would like to thank their family and friends for attending the ceremony.

A picture from our ceremony in Calgary.

A picture from our ceremony at Burning Man.

Music during
the ceremony

These are downloadable. Copyright violation be damned!

  1. Pacabel's Canon
  2. Arcana 6 Love - Thee Arcana Project (Jonny)
  3. The 11th Hour - PFM
  4. Protection (The Eno Mix) - Massive Attack
  5. Everlasting Pictures - B-Zet
  6. Arcana 19 The Sun - Thee Arcana Project (Jonny)
  7. Lost Without You - Jayn Hanna

In case you missed it the first time around, our wedding party consisted of Annette Saulnier as the Maid of honor, Ben Arkell as Best Man. Amber VanDyk and Cathy Berglund were bridesmaids, Craig Strukoff and Jeffrey Ashton were groomsmen. Jamie Ashton was the flower girl.

Speeches were done by: (in order of appearance)

  1. Jen Grey
  2. Douglas Caswell
  3. Harold Oschner
  4. Chuck Caswell
  5. Jessika Maine and Rona Black
  6. Amber Van Dyk
  7. Cathy Berglund
  8. Jen Caswell
  9. Craig Strukoff